Valve expertise that runs deep.

How deep, you ask? It's behind the last part of our company name... Valve Repair TEchnical Service COmpany. Since 1974, CFM/VR-TESCO, LLC has provided a complete range of valve services throughout the world. Our outstanding reputation for the wide range of services and innovation we offer today is built in part upon our long history of valve expertise and experience within the power generation industry.
It's how we do what we do that sets us apart, for services including:

View the current Velan Level 1 Certification below:
Lapping seat face
Honing body after welding and machining
Hand grinding out seat ring in gate valve
In-shop training /certification on main steam isolation valve
Machining in-body hard face seat
Seat ring seal weld machining

To learn more about how our expertise and experience can help take on the challenges you face, we invite you to get in touch and start the conversation.