Taking the show on the road.

CFM/VR-TESCO, LLC began providing on-site machining and specialty welding services to the power generation industry over 40 years ago. Since then we've earned an industry-leading reputation and position, offering a complete range of specialty valve services, standard field machining, and turnkey welding services throughout the world.
Simply put, we load up and bring everything necessary for our highly-skilled crew of millwrights and pipefitters to efficiently handle whatever it takes to successfully complete the work, in compliance with all industry standards and with a minimum of downtime. Portable lathe, boring bars, manual and automatic welding, all types of machining capabilities, as well as internally developed and fabricated custom tooling and equipment. Shop-quality machining, capabilities, and our deep expertise and experience, brought on-site whenever and wherever you need it.

Upper turbine shell being installed after machining tendons
48-foot machine shop trailer for balance of plant work
Final machining of low pressure turbine journal: stationary journal machine
Boring bar installed, machining seal fits in lower case
End view of boring bar setup in boiler feed pump
Making chips on register fit after welding complete

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