We work hard. We work safely.

The well-being of every employee while on the job has the highest priority at CFM/VR-TESCO, LLC. We believe that everyone shares the responsibility to ensure all workers go home to their families each day without injury.
We believe that productive work habits and safe work habits are one and the same. Culturally, our company continuously seeks to instill a proactive approach that keeps safety at the forefront of all we do. The goal:

No matter how experienced or busy our employees may be on the job, they understand that they MUST consistently take the time required to do things safely. It's extremely important to us that everyone involved understands how each task is to be completed in a safe manner. Merely talking about safety does not make safety a priority. We expect our people to abide by the STAR principal – Stop, Think, Assess and Review – before beginning actual work. CFM/VR-TESCO, LLC and its employees working together with our customers, can establish and maintain a safe work environment and achieve our goal of an accident-free workplace.  


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