This is who we are.

CFM/VR-TESCO, LLC began providing on-site machining and specialty welding services to the power generation industry over 40 years ago. Since then we've established an industry leading position, offering a complete range of specialty valve services, standard field machining, and turnkey welding services throughout the world. Our management team, planners, supervisors, and full-time crew of union millwrights and pipefitters bring their deep expertise and experience to every detail of every project. The focus is on introducing innovation, providing education, and solving identified equipment performance and reliability issues to improve our customer's assets.
  • Complete valve repair on-site or in-house in our 44,000 square foot repair facility
  • Quality Assurance Program – a game-changing and integral part of our day-to-day operations
  • Project management / oversight including pre-outage planning, scheduling, implementation and package review
  • Complete in-house fabrication and manufacturing of critical reverse engineered OEM parts
  • The CFM/VR-TESCO, LLC team includes SME expertise as valve technicians, AOV technicians, machining applications, specialty welding applications, and fluid sealing technicians
Our goal is to bring the "Best Athlete" to the field.
  • Establish a CORE team consisting of CFM/VR-TESCO, LLC and customer personnel together
  • Review the site's needs, schedules and expectations
  • Site inspections and work order review
  • Identify obsolescence and lead time issues for critical parts and explore "like for like" engineering options
  • Define project support hours and develop resource loading early in the process to plan and allocate skillset requirements of composite teams of CFM/VR-TESCO, LLC and craft labor
To learn more about how our expertise and experience can help take on the challenges you face, we invite you to get in touch and start the conversation.
Siegfried Schulz
President / CEO / Senior Managing Partner
Siegfried (Ziggy) is Founder and President of CFM/VR-TESCO, LLC, and an industry leader in the development and implementation of the on-site machining revolution. Ziggy’s journey began in Germany, where he completed a formal apprenticeship program as a machinist. In 1967 he came to America to work as a journeyman machinist. In 1974 he started Continental Field Machining Co., Inc. in Schaumburg, IL. The company went through several phases of expansion and became a specialty contractor, providing specialty machining, welding and mechanical services on a national and international basis. We have tackled multi-faceted projects from A through Z on time, on budget and with top notch quality. We partner at times with OEM’s, general contractors and other organizations. Our primary markets are the heavy industries such as the electric utility industry (nuclear, natural gas power, hydro and other fossil power plants). We also service the steel mill, petrochemical and chemical industries.
Today Ziggy oversees a new generation of company growth and expansion with his team at CFM/VR-TESCO, LLC. Please look around our website and contact us with any questions you may have. Let’s talk!
Scott Smith
Senior Vice President / General Manager / Managing Partner
Upon completion of active duty service in the United States Navy, Scott has gained over 34 years of experience in the repair, refurbishment, and replacement of electric power and heavy industry equipment, components, and valves. Scott started his civilian career as a craftsman. As Senior Vice President, General Manager and Managing Partner, he now has the overall responsibility of each department within CFM/VR-TESCO, LLC. Scott’s mission and focus is continuous improvement within, to ensure every customer receives the service they deserve.
Greg Schulte
Vice President / Operations
Greg Schulte is the Vice President of Operations CFM/VR-TESCO, LLC. He has served in this position for 10 years, early in his career having served as a field machinist and machinist lead man. Greg has worked in the nuclear Industry for 30 years and at Exelon LaSalle Station and Braidwood Station for 17 years, holding various positions in maintenance management. He has attended the “National Academy For Nuclear Training Maintenance Supervisor Professional Development Seminar”, and is active and currently serves as an advisor to the “Fluid Leak Management Users Group Steering Committee”.    
Greg believes that each customer is unique, with their own unique challenges. Based on this, he tailors the CFM/VR-TESCO, LLC response to each customer's individual needs.