Nuclear Power

Commercial nuclear power plants currently provide 2.6 trillion kilowatt hours of electricity – almost 14% of the world's total electricity. Around the globe there are 435 nuclear reactors operating in 30 countries, the largest percentage located in the United States. To help meet the need for reliable, inexpensive power without greenhouse gas emissions, utilities are faced with the challenge of upgrading these plants to support higher power output and extending operating licenses beyond their original design for 40 years of operation. Plant life extensions, power uprates, and other performance initiatives are all effective means of enabling increased generation capacity. CFM/VR-TESCO, LLC is already working to improve capacity and performance without compromising safety for a fleet of operating reactors – half of which are over 30 years old.

Grinding out old seat
Set up for weld of new seat
Lapping seats after weld
Tent for grinding disk
Measuring wedge
Final grind of disk

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